Oh, Hello

Here’s what you should probably know before we get started…

I’m a Mom

As much as I’d like to provide some highly-evolved definition of myself and my life, the truest and most succinct outline of who I am in the world is: Mom. I look like a mom (see: yoga pants). I act like a mom (see: frazzled). And, I drive like a mom (see: minivan). My three lil’ nuggets are why I get out of bed in the morning, often quite earlier than i’d like – but they’re my reason. I adore every inch of who they are and marvel that these creatures are mine for ever and always.

I’m a Wife

Not to sound cliche, but I actually did marry my best friend. When KJ & I got married, I thought we had everything in common. Now that we’ve been married almost thirteen years – gasp! – I know that we only have the most important things in common… which is great because it somehow sustains some teetering sense of balance I desperately need to function.

I’m a Writer

Not just now, but for as long as I can remember. I often joke that God doesn’t give with both hands… and, in my case… he didn’t. This is THE thing he gave me. And, I’m grateful for it. I’ll never stop pinching myself that I somehow get paid a wee lil’ bit to do what I love the most. My soul smiles whenever my fingers are click-click-clacking on the keyboard.

I’m a Reader

Reality has always been more manageable for me when I have the respite of a book. I am never not reading something… and usually, several somethings. I love every kind of writing, so long as it’s good, makes me think and helps me disappear even for a little bit.

I’m a Hot Mess

It’s true. Oh, so true. Listen, I work from home – one job in marketing and one in freelance writing – which is simultaneously wonderful and terrible (see: thing one). I’m learning hard lessons about life that I probably should have figured out… oh, I don’t know… a decade ago. I struggle with (sometimes debilitating) anxiety and all the fun things that go along with it. And, I always feel like I’m creeping, crawling, clawing my way to some elusive destination where things are better.

Here’s the Point…

I believe in God. And, I believe that He loves me. But, with everything going on in my life, I feel like I have to work reeeeeeally hard to remember that. Every day, I try to find the providence – the little tender mercies that prove to me that I’m thought of, loved, watched over and cherished by someone far, far greater than I.

My intention with this blog is to focus on the good in my life – the providence – and that, through this discovery, I can find peace, contentment and maybe share a smile with someone else who needs it.