Fantastic Four!

Anna's 4th Birthday

Just like that, my littlest is four.

Annelise is the perfect caboose to our trio. She is sweet and spunky, independent and strong, expressive and hilarious. And, believe me when I say… she doesn’t take nothing from nobody.

Anna’s favorite things are:

  • dancing
  • singing
  • playing “mommy”
  • reading
  • shopping
  • swimming

Her favorite cartoons are:

  • Thundercats
  • Peppa Pig
  • Curious George
  • Clifford the Big Red Dog
  • Disney princess anything (particularly Moana, these days)

Her favorite foods are:

  • pizza
  • fruit
  • cereal, cereal and more cereal (there’s days that’s all she eats)
  • noodles (any variety)
  • cheese
  • OREO’S (OMG… we’ll find packages of Oreo’s hidden in the strangest places. She HOARDS them!)
  • strawberry frosted donuts

She claims to be more of a cat lover than a dog lover (even though we’ve never owned cats) and I can totally see that in her personality. But, she’s a lover of anything she can cuddle.

I feel so blessed to have this little bean in my life. What a boring world it would be without her!

Happy birthday, Annie Banannie.

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