Five Reasons Why I’m Glad May is Over


  1. Peace Out, School: The last few weeks of school nearly killed me, guys. Seriously, Gabi had projects in every.single.freaking.class. I spent more money on poster board, tape and glue than on my light bill.
  2. Sayonara, Soccer: I love watching Holland play soccer. I really do. But, I also love sleeping in on Saturdays. I really do.
  3. Adios, Allergies: May seemed to be the month that absolutely obliterated my sinuses. I’ve been battling migraines, congestion, itchy eyes… you name it. I know the pollen is only going to be replaced by hellish temperatures, but at this point, I’m ready to burn instead of itch. (PS – Please note that I’m aware I’ll regret this in one week.)
  4. Greetings, Summer Reading: I read some HEAVY books in May. (See: Being Mortal, The Woman Next Door, TrueVine). It was getting depressing. But, now I’ve moved on to a *much* lighter summer reading list. And, ah, it’s refreshing. Currently, BearTown is blowing my mind!!
  5. Done with Deadlines: May was the month of deadlines. Oy! It was rough on me. I was juggling too much at one time. Bit by bit, those deadlines are being met and lifted from my shoulders. It feels great to check so much off my list.

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