When Things Are Too Much

I’m someone who is deeply affected by circumstance.

I wish that wasn’t the case and I’m working on it. But, for now, it’s true.

Generally, when I surround myself with happy things, I’m happy. When I let negativity creep in, I’m sad.

I don’t believe that life can be lived constantly in a positive place. Bad things will happen. Life will spin out of control. Anxiety will grab you by the throat. Fear will stifle your dreams. I believe this is just part of the human existence. To deny it could be spiritually fatal.

Though they say life is about learning how to dance in the rain, I tend to believe life is about recognizing you’re in the middle of a freakin’ storm and figuring out how to get the heck outta there.

So, when things get too much for me, I like to read. In particular, I like to read happy things.


Mitford is a happy place. The people aren’t perfect, but they’re trying. The main character, Father Tim, is a regular guy who makes regular mistakes and has regular triumphs.

Spoiler alert: The climax of the entire book is when the poor rector has his dog stolen (and eventually returned) by some thugs. So, not too heavy a plot in the grand scheme of things.

Mitford was my “chaser” book when I read Columbine.

But, I stayed there awhile.

Life has been too much lately. Too much uncertainty. Too much stress. Too much discontent.

Spending some time in Mitford was the restorative escape I needed until I could get to an emotional higher ground.

I’m glad to know places like that still exist, even if only between the pages of a good book.

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