Thanks, Jules

I tried the whole hipster no capitalization thing. I don’t think it worked. Hurrah to 2017, where I will be capitalizing properly from here on out.

On the second day of January, I finished my first book of the year.


I’m not interested in cooking, really. It’s a drudgery to me and my kids never eat anything I make and it hurts my feelings and I end up angrily scraping my hard work into the trash and shutting the kitchen cabinet doors much too loudly. Yet, for some unknown reason, I was really excited to read Julia Child’s My Life in France.

Let me be honest. It took me a bit longer than usual to finish this book, considering it got interrupted in the middle by a book gifted to me for Christmas that was much more riveting (soooooorrrryyyy Julia!). And, I will admit that I skipped over some of the long, intricate, French-riddled descriptions because they made my eyes glaze over. Nevertheless, this book still got four stars from me simply because of one thing.


Oh man, I loved Julia. She was smart and funny and possessed a keen sense of humor.

What Julia didn’t mention (or didn’t mention often) told more about her than what she did actually write.

The 6-foot-something American was incredibly resilient. She barely touched on the war she survived, made nothing of a marriage that came much later in life than was the social norm, didn’t get lost in the frustration of lost job opportunities and multitudes of injustices, offered maybe two sentences on the disappointment of infertility and What’s even more, she wasn’t even a chef until deep into her thirties.

Julia had a thirst for learning that defied limitations. Her life came in Acts, each more exciting than the other. There was no complacency, no giving up, no throwing hands into the air.

For this reason, I’m happy this ended up being the first book I read in a new year.

Just like Julia, I would like to just get on with it, already. I’d like to say yes to learning, say yes to new experiences and create a life of happy progression.

Thanks, Jules (I feel like I would have called you Jules). You’ve inspired me to set some lofty goals and look forward to a future of my own creation.

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